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Name: Jaelyn
Age: 27
Location: Middleton, NY.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110lbs
Bust: 32-C
Waist: 27
Hips: 30
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long 
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Other
Skin Color: Tanned
Body Size: 1
Dress Size: 2
Shoe Size: 8.5


Hi my name is Jaelyn Yvonne. My friends call me china doll! I am 27 years old and am originally from Richmond, VA. However, I have lived in NY my entire life. I am an upstate suburban baby you can say!
Growing up I was that little girl putting on shows for my neighbors. You can say I was the little backyard Beyoncé. Singing and dancing for whoever came to visit. I was always passionate about singing and acting. At the age of 15, I became highly involved in learning about film production. I also became interested in modeling, because I am a military baby, my parents did not want me modeling so I had to put my dreams on hold until I became a legal adult.
In college, I decided to pursue my film aspirations. I have an Associates degree in Communications and Film Production Management and a Bachelors degree in Digital and Film Production. I’ve also worked with syndicated TV shows behind the scenes. I am currently working on the production team for a 2020 feature film set to release in 2021.
You can say I have my hands tied in everything. I am a true go getter . Someone who is humble and wants to change the industry and the world. I am all about creating new ideas and working with people to create a vision. I am very easy to work with. I bring positive energy to any project. I love to help others succeed. I understand helping one another in a world full of so much chaos, is the key to making the world a better place!
I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me. As well as meeting wonderful new industry professionals!

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