Name: Isabel
Age: 22
Location: Los Angles, CA.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 95 lbs
Bust: 23-D
Waist: 19
Hips: 29
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green
Ethnicity: N/A
Skin Color: Tanned
Body Size: 0
Dress Size: 0
Shoe Size: 6


Based out of Seattle now living in LA, I have been modeling and acting since 16. It had always been a dream of mine as a child and my career started when agencies began to try to sign me. Because of my ambiguous look and ability to pass as almost any ethnicity, agencies viewed me as a very attractive contribution for my ability to do diverse castings. I never signed with an exclusive agency and chose to represent myself until I found the right fit, but that provided me the confidence that modeling and acting could actually be a possibility for me despite my family’s lack of support.
Now I am a published model with experience in editorial, swimwear, fashion, fitness, lingerie, and lifestyle modeling. To date, my acting career has consisted mostly of commercials and music videos, having starred in commercials for companies such as Porsche, Celebrate Your Sexy, Shyft, Autonation, Honda, Cannafornia, and more.
I am currently moving into more serious roles as acting is a huge passion of mine and has always came naturally to me. I have been very blessed lately with the amount of interest in casting me for upcoming movies and television shows, which I am ecstatic about as I love being able to connect to my character on a deeper level.
Being a model and actress fulfills my need for creativity and art. In all my work, in addition to preforming my duties as a model/actress, I always contribute to the project with new ideas, suggestions of alternative artistic approaches, and get fantastic feedback from producers and photographers for positively impacting the entire project with my vision.
I pride myself on being easygoing, humble, and kind towards others, as this world could always use more positivity. Despite getting burned continuously for my kindness, it is something I will never change about myself. I come from some troublesome roots, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my upbringing as it made me wise and mature beyond my years, learn how to be self sufficient, hardworking, and able to understand others and help guide them to a better path.
I graduated from high school 2 years early despite moving 8 times in those two years and working full time to help my mother pay our rent. I went on to completing 2 years at a community college, 1 year at Saint Martins University, and worked in real estate for 3 years during and somewhat after my college experience. While in real estate, my family and acquaintances in life viewed me as very successful and I would get daily messages from people I went to school with asking me to mentor them and praising me for my outward appearance of a young, successful real estate professional in Seattle’s booming market. The reality was, in both companies I worked for, I endured severe sexual harassment and was treated like a slave. My later boss would not let me have holidays off unless I spent them with his family, would shame me for doing my job instead of attending to his feelings towards me, and finally when I was told if I wasn’t going to marry him, I could no longer work for him, I came to the realization that my looks would always be in the way of any ordinary career path I went down. This catapulted me further into making a career based off of my looks. I love, appreciate, and respect this industry more than words can express because it allows me to be empowered, celebrated, respected, and able to create my own success. I believe the sky is the limit, I can’t wait to see what accomplishments 2020 will bring, and am excited to connect with more amazing people in this industry and create beautiful things together!

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